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SimpleFont 2 is Released 2006-05-29

After a long wait, SimleFont 2 is realeased with shiny new features, like super pixel font editing, enhanced TTF exporter, special new patterns and a full screen working area.

Welcome to the new SimpleFont 2 site! Become a member of the SimpleFont community, and take part in the forum. Visit our sample font gallery and share your ideas with other pixelfont designers.

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Product Info

SimpleFont is a standalone pixel font editor program for Microsoft Windows. SimpleFont is an effective and easy-to-use font editor. While designing SimpleFont we tried to keep it as simple as possible. The user of the program does not need to be a font expert to be able to create high quality pixelfonts.

The idea of SimpleFont is based on user needs. SimpleFont gives the freedom for everybody to create high quality pixelfonts in any language and style.

SimpleFont supports TrueType font (TTF) format. TrueType is the industrial standard of vector fonts. Fonts created with SimpleFont can be used in Macromedia Flash, broadcast and DTP projects.

SimpleFont was created by Program Produkt. The development of our font editor started in 2003. Program Produkt was found in 1988. Our profile is application programming, web development and research.

If you have any question, idea or special need related to SimpleFont, feel free to contact us. The email address is: info@simplefont.com.