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SimpleFont 2 is Released 2006-05-29

After a long wait, SimleFont 2 is realeased with shiny new features, like super pixel font editing, enhanced TTF exporter, special new patterns and a full screen working area.

Welcome to the new SimpleFont 2 site! Become a member of the SimpleFont community, and take part in the forum. Visit our sample font gallery and share your ideas with other pixelfont designers.

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Do you want to add comments to Sample Fonts? Or publish information about the most new font designs you have just seen? This is the best place for discussions about fonts with other font freaks.

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This is the place where you can publish your work. Doesn’t matter if it is web, DTP or video project, publish your URL, and people will follow your links. „Iconic” projects are also welcomed here. Write about works that you think are relevant in tipographic or graphic design.
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Feel free to tell us your experiences and ideas about our software to help us to improve it. We know, that users must show the main line of the devolopment.
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