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SimpleFont 2 is Released 2006-05-29

After a long wait, SimleFont 2 is realeased with shiny new features, like super pixel font editing, enhanced TTF exporter, special new patterns and a full screen working area.

Welcome to the new SimpleFont 2 site! Become a member of the SimpleFont community, and take part in the forum. Visit our sample font gallery and share your ideas with other pixelfont designers.

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I heard about SimpleFont as the most powerful pixelfont editor and superpixel creator software, developed based on requirements of website designers. Basically my company is an ATL, BTL advertising and design agency, but i decided to purchase Simplefont when i was working on an advertisment for a mobilephone company who wanted to introduce a new sms service to the market. I used simpleFont to create the screen fonts that were visible on the mobilephone displays on the posters. Simplefont was really the perfect tool to create the screenfont in just a few minutes, and finish the work in time. After that positiv experience - collaborated with my students- i made some interesting experiments with SimpleFont 2. It's new patterns and superpixel editing functions open up a new dimenson of possibilities for font designers!

Attila CosovanAttila Cosovan
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Senior lecturer
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest